The Bell Chem GmbH believes that a company is a viable system, which is organized and managed in such a way as to meet the demands of the future and to survive in a constantly changing environment. Due to our belief in the future, Bell Chem supports solutions, which contribute to people’s quality of life and to the sustainable evolution of society and the planet. We invest in “green chemistry”.

Sustainability also includes a responsible corporate management containing a compliance system, risk management and auditing processes.

When we talk about responsibility, we refer first and foremost to the responsibility towards our employees. Built upon the principles of freedom, fairness, commitment and respect, Bell Chem has a distinctive company culture in which highly motivated people thrive.

Bell Chem supports a transparent communication and a reliable relationship with all of the relevant groups. Bell Chem core values include an open dialogue and mutual respect towards our stakeholders, as well as ethical work conduct in every area.